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  Welcome!!!! *** =VMTR= Squad Members. Keep an eye on the forums for all answers to your questions.***   Raven Shield is making a come back in the servers!!!!    HOT games: ARMA2 and Raven Shield!!!     
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Random Quotes
  COFFEE.EXE Missing - Insert Cup and Press Any Key
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Viper's TS Quotes

"Parley! We'll trade you our best teamkiller, for your worst teamplayer!"
Playing BF2
DapperDan, 8-11-07

"Windows is now a 64 bit tweak of a 32 bit extension to a 16 bit user interface for an 8 bit operating system based on a 4 bit architecture from a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition."
General Chatter
Pax2001, 1-01-07

"Thor, don't waste all your bang bangs! (flashbangs)"
Playing SWAT 4
Reaper, 9-06-06

"I don't like fish cause it taste fishy."
General Chatter
Thor, 7-11-06

",,, how do you get a opossum out of a bathroom?"
General Chatter
Thor, 7-09-06

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Shout Box History
Reaper: WARNING! WARNING! We have a Muz sighting! WARNING! WARNING!
06-11-2012 7:36:pm
alucard164: damn, just missed u during a eye-wink.... letīs try again today
27-10-2012 5:03:am
Callaway: I was here... and now I'm not... Have a great night everyone!
26-10-2012 8:25:pm
07-10-2012 11:00:pm
alucard164: because there is a info coming up which says: Server is running on old Version (3.01...), even itīs running fine!
25-09-2012 12:42:pm
Reaper: Why does TS3 need updating? Something happened I'm unaware of Alucard? It seems to be working fine.
24-09-2012 11:17:pm
Reaper: I was working. My side business is backed up due to the full time job.
24-09-2012 11:15:pm
muzashi: where was everybody yesterday?
24-09-2012 12:47:pm
alucard164: someone has to update TS3-Server
21-09-2012 6:16:pm
Pax2001: Hello kiddies. Here's a quite neat site - [URL] - real time real flight tracking. It uses Google Earth so the images are pretty good too... Big brother is watching you
21-09-2012 5:24:pm
Reaper: You see nothing, I'm a figment of your imagination!
16-09-2012 12:07:pm
alucard164: i see u REAPER
15-09-2012 10:47:am
muzashi: Cool. I got a new one coming with an AIR convoy (Helis) to take down, Sambo and I were testing it last night. fun when you don't die. LOL.
11-09-2012 9:33:pm
Reaper: New pbo on the server and running Muz!
11-09-2012 8:40:pm
Reaper: He is busy during the weekdays like I am.
11-09-2012 8:39:pm
muzashi: anybody seen Cal?
11-09-2012 5:22:pm
muzashi: yep. i also posted in the froooms
10-09-2012 8:46:pm
Reaper: Muzz! Is the file in TS3 the latest one, which includes the tweak to the ammo box's load/unload times?
10-09-2012 7:47:pm
muzashi: Joe, didn't have time to put new mission on server?
10-09-2012 6:15:pm
Waffle: hope we can catch you guys around during the weekend
31-08-2012 2:34:pm
muzashi: had good fun yesterday KoH, Mikan, Sambo, Reap and Webb.Pity the wife was ill. See on the weekend perhaps
30-08-2012 8:00:pm
muzashi: ok mate
29-08-2012 2:27:am
sambo: sorry wont be on tonight gota go out
28-08-2012 11:50:pm
sambo: hello muz
28-08-2012 11:49:pm
muzashi: *crickets chirping
28-08-2012 7:43:pm
muzashi: yea, same here.
28-08-2012 7:43:pm
muzashi: good to talk with ya mate.
28-08-2012 7:42:pm
muzashi: hello muz.
28-08-2012 7:41:pm
muzashi: hello.
28-08-2012 7:41:pm
muzashi: i think i need to enable friendly AI respawn to protect base, bloody hacking enemy AI.
28-08-2012 6:01:pm
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