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  Welcome!!!! *** =VMTR= Squad Members. Keep an eye on the forums for all answers to your questions.***   Raven Shield is making a come back in the servers!!!!    HOT games: ARMA2 and Raven Shield!!!     
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Random Quotes
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Viper's TS Quotes

"Parley! We'll trade you our best teamkiller, for your worst teamplayer!"
Playing BF2
DapperDan, 8-11-07

"Windows is now a 64 bit tweak of a 32 bit extension to a 16 bit user interface for an 8 bit operating system based on a 4 bit architecture from a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition."
General Chatter
Pax2001, 1-01-07

"Thor, don't waste all your bang bangs! (flashbangs)"
Playing SWAT 4
Reaper, 9-06-06

"I don't like fish cause it taste fishy."
General Chatter
Thor, 7-11-06

",,, how do you get a opossum out of a bathroom?"
General Chatter
Thor, 7-09-06

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Shout Box History
Sambo: hey moon long time no see
03-02-2013 3:25:am
Moonchild: hello all
31-01-2013 6:37:am
25-01-2013 4:00:pm
muzashi: so.........anybody going to do any gaming this weekend?
25-01-2013 3:57:pm
Reaper: NEW TS3 IP
17-01-2013 9:42:pm
magnum272002: Hi all
10-01-2013 6:26:pm
Reaper: Magnuts!!!
05-01-2013 7:41:pm
magnum272002: REAPER!!!!!!!!
03-01-2013 8:39:am
XH2: Happy Birthday Moonchild
31-12-2012 2:37:pm
muzashi: 'tis the Danman!
28-12-2012 5:11:pm
alucard164: MUZZY!! will catch u later
28-12-2012 2:48:pm
muzashi: merry and happy all. How's that server coming reap?
28-12-2012 2:04:pm
alucard164: Merry Xmas for all Vipers around the world! thx Reaper for your work, but donīt forget Christmas doing these things, have a good time...
23-12-2012 5:09:am
Reaper: Starting Sunday all the servers will be down for a bit while systems are moved, troubleshooted, re-working cabling, power management, etc... This will easily take over a day to do, if not two. TS3 will be the first priority. The others will follow as their systems are repositioned and powered up. I'll be monitoring the site and emails remotely if there are any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.
22-12-2012 10:41:pm
RadarOReilly: Its cool no rush Reaper.
19-12-2012 3:58:pm
Sambo: swt boss
19-12-2012 2:36:am
Reaper: Hey Moon, Sambo, and Radar!!! The ARMA server is suffering a hardware issue. Because of the holidays and everyone is wanting their projects done yesterday I'm a bit tied up. Hopefully I can get sometime to play with it Sunday and figure out what is corrupting it.
17-12-2012 10:22:pm
16-12-2012 1:29:am
Moonchild: yeah sryy about that i was dooing something downstairs
16-12-2012 12:50:am
Sambo: hey moon saw you on ts jumped in you wernt there
15-12-2012 10:24:pm
Moonchild: hello all
15-12-2012 1:45:pm
RadarOReilly: Hey Reaper any word on that arma server?
14-12-2012 12:09:pm
RadarOReilly: Hey Reaper I think the arma 2 server is down.
05-12-2012 5:28:pm
Reaper: Hey Dapper, great to see ya bro! Happy holidays to you and your family as also!!!
01-12-2012 11:24:am
DapperDan: What's up Vipers! Have a great holiday and new year folks!
28-11-2012 9:21:am
RadarOReilly: Reaper the ArmA server is down. Please fix...
15-11-2012 8:41:pm
muzashi: oorah! indeed.
11-11-2012 1:48:pm
alucard164: oorah!
11-11-2012 4:05:am
Reaper: Happy Veteran's Day everyone!
10-11-2012 10:06:pm
muzashi: hey reap
07-11-2012 2:13:pm
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