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  Welcome!!!! *** =VMTR= Squad Members. Keep an eye on the forums for all answers to your questions.***   Raven Shield is making a come back in the servers!!!!    HOT games: ARMA2 and Raven Shield!!!     
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Random Quotes
  God is real, unless declared integer.
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Viper's TS Quotes

"Parley! We'll trade you our best teamkiller, for your worst teamplayer!"
Playing BF2
DapperDan, 8-11-07

"Windows is now a 64 bit tweak of a 32 bit extension to a 16 bit user interface for an 8 bit operating system based on a 4 bit architecture from a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition."
General Chatter
Pax2001, 1-01-07

"Thor, don't waste all your bang bangs! (flashbangs)"
Playing SWAT 4
Reaper, 9-06-06

"I don't like fish cause it taste fishy."
General Chatter
Thor, 7-11-06

",,, how do you get a opossum out of a bathroom?"
General Chatter
Thor, 7-09-06

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Shout Box History
alucard164: sure
11-10-2013 5:32:pm
muzashi: hi again all. anybody coming to ts/
11-10-2013 4:55:pm
10-10-2013 10:07:pm
alucard164: MUZZY, great to see ya
04-10-2013 4:05:pm
muzashi: hello folks.
03-10-2013 8:23:pm
muzashi: 9/11
11-09-2013 1:10:pm
energy: getting everything set back upo is a pain.... downloading TS3 now!
08-09-2013 8:18:pm
Reaper: YEAH MUZZ!!!!
12-08-2013 8:33:pm
muzashi: hello reapeeper, and moom
12-08-2013 5:42:pm
12-08-2013 5:42:pm
Reaper: I see you Moon!!!
12-08-2013 4:45:pm
08-08-2013 6:57:pm
alucard164: i C u Reaper
03-08-2013 1:48:pm
04-07-2013 2:19:pm
Callaway: When I'm not here, I am out and about on the scoot
21-06-2013 7:01:pm
sambo: hey folks hope you are all ok
18-06-2013 11:21:pm
muzashi: ok folks, come on. I know you out there. I see you visiting the site. My agents are watching you.
23-05-2013 2:23:pm
muzashi: Reapy! Which mod?
23-05-2013 1:14:am
Reaper: Muzzy! A2 latest version doesn't like your mod in the mods.
19-05-2013 7:41:pm
Callaway: No worries Muz, we all have those dreaded bills to pay... See you soon!!
07-04-2013 3:25:pm
muzashi: Sorry, Reap, Cal. Have to work this whole weekend
05-04-2013 3:26:pm
Pax2001: New Ghost Recon game mode... check it out. [URL]
04-04-2013 12:06:am
Sambo: agree with you there muz
17-03-2013 12:21:am
muzashi: ugh, DayZ...blech!
01-03-2013 2:50:am
XH2: anyone playing Dayz?
23-02-2013 9:10:pm
Callaway: Sup Dapper! Happy (belated) BDay Bob Marley!
16-02-2013 2:38:pm
DapperDan: Whatsup Vipers!? Of course I stopped in to say "hi" on Bob Marleys birthday!
06-02-2013 9:51:am
Sambo: hey moon long time no see
03-02-2013 3:25:am
Moonchild: hello all
31-01-2013 6:37:am
25-01-2013 4:00:pm
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