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Download Profile: Vipers ArmA2 Fire and Smoke AddOn Pack   Popular

Category: Main/ARMA2/ARMA2 Add-Ons

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This self installer will install the Vipers' ArmA2 Fire and Smoke Pack for the ArmA2 PC game.

This pack is NOT required to be able to join the =VMTR= ArmA2 Server.

JTD_FireAndSmoke is an effects addon that adds bigger, better and more useful smoke than the default ingame smoke. The ingame smoke is unaffected, this addon "layers" effects over the top. It's MP compliant, looks great, and is AI viewblock by default. Destroyed vehicles will send up huge plumes of smoke visible from miles away and last a long time, very useful for a sense of battlefield presence and history. Additional to this there is a propagating fire functionality that will set forests, buildings and vehicles on fire dependant on proximity, wind, and rain.

Inevitably there is a performance hit for a mod of this nature. However, considering the visual complexity this adds to your gaming experience you might find this performance hit negligible, I have a fairly old machine and I'm constantly surprised at how much extra smoke I can get before noticing any slowdowns. Plus, you can always tweak the config settings for taste and performance. Very heavy battles will of course have a bigger impact on performance than lighter, more moderate battles. Personally speaking, longer more drawn-out encounters with smaller "flurries" of action over a few hours work the best.

Due to the performace hit this AddOn creates, I've already included my configuration file into this installer. It limits the "Wild" fires from explosions to 1-2 versus full out forest fires. You may also adjust the settings in this file to suit your taste. It can be found in the "...\ArmA 2\userconfig\JTD\JTD_FireAndSmoke_config.hpp". Just use notepad to edit.

This AddOn will be installed into your @Vipers AddOn folder. If you wish to remove this AddOn just delete the "jtd_fireandsmoke.pbo" and "jtd_fireandsmoke.pbo.JTD.bisign" from your @Vipers folder.

Date: Oct 3rd, 2010

Author: Reaper (Reaper29 at Gmail dot com)
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 1.24 MB

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