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Category: Main/Battlefield 2/BF2 Mods
These are the MODS for BF2.  Their respective maps are located within this catergory as well.

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BOMSF V1.3  Popular
Here's a quick and simple list of the important changes to vehicles and weapons.

increased range on igla, atstow, usstinger,

decreased reload time on them as well,

increased speed on the linebacker,

raised the elevation on tank,linbacker,and apc

Heres a quick run down of the graphic changes in 1.3

01. A quick glance at a copy of Grays Anatomy Online tells me
    that the human body does not ooze dust, but in fact it is
    blood. I changed it so that blood splatters when you shoot someone.
02. New Skin on the SeaHawk Uh-60. Slightly naughty, but nothing to get
    upset about.
03. New SKin on Cobra Gunship requested by Brokeuh-BOM-.
04. New skin on ATV to match a Yamaha Grizzly or something.
05. New uniforms and kit skins for Meinsurgent Side. I got loads of
    requests to give them bright orange jumpsuits etc. Instead, I've
    made them harder to see.
06. New uniforms, kits, and faces for US side.
07. New Skin on AilRaider to match the ATV.
08. New Splash screen animation
09. New menu background.
10. Rear ironsights removed from M16.
11. A few 'easter egg' textures have been altered ingame.
12. Bradley M6, Lav-26, and M1A2 Abrahms have been re-skinned in the
    new camo scheme with more tan colours to help them blend into
    their respective environments.

Camouflage system used for all soldiers, vehicles, etc. is a propreitary
design. Provisionaly titled "TAG-109" camo, it utilises the game engines
ability to display various LOD models at different resolutions and distances
from the viewer. Several camouflage schemes are applied at different scales,
opacities etc, so the game engine recognizes the large camo scheme from afar,
the small camo scheme up close, but blends the two at medium range to help
break up its form in the landscape. It took two weeks to get these camo schemes
working so they would blend with nearly all maps, urban and grassland, yet still
give our guys a uniform with grunt. The MEinsurgent side have had their baseball
smocks and trainers removed, cos its a bit hypocritical to have these guys
fighting the forces of western capitalism, only to endorse it with their
footwear etc.! Do not copy, butcher, or attempt to reproduce this sysytem, cos
you'll only balls it up. If you need help, or want to use this system, give
me a shout first.

Big thanks to DICE texture artists for producing excellent textures.
Its only a pity that so few people have the hardware capabilities to
see the detail in them.



MoodQx@lycos.co.uk for all your comments and suggestions.
Version: BF2 V1.3 Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: Jun-27-2006 Downloads: 1077
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